Thursday, October 14, 2010

Golden Mile Reborn and
3D Serves U, is proud to announce the opening of its new website . is a new way to see Frederick, MD with your computer. Powered by the Google Earth engine, is a web site that allows you search geographically information about Frederick City and then go visit linked internet information. It will become a great resource for businesses and organizations to promote themselves through 3D visualization.

Try it out today.

One of our first projects that you can view on the site is a partnership established with the Golden Mile Reborn Project:

This project is a partnership between 3D Serves U, the owners of and Brian Dinnuno, a concerned Frederick citizen and environmental scientist who developed a revitalization plan for the Golden Mile Area which consists of taking the current unconnected and unsustainable layout and transforming it into a series of interconnected roads, mixed-use buildings, green spaces, and pedestrian friendly walkways. A section of the 2D map focusing on the proposed changes for the Frederick Town Mall Area is located below:

Using the 3D expertise of 3D Serves U, we were able to create a 3D visualization of Brian's plans using Google Earth. You can see snapshots below:

This is a snapshot of the Mall Area from the southwest corner:

This is the same look with the proposed redesign.

This is from the south of the Mall Area

This is from the southeast corner
We even have plans for a grand Promenade in the center of it all with a water fountain

As you can see, 3D visualization can rapidly help us envision plans for the future, and can be a great way to communicate those changes to the general public. Take some time for yourself to see the project in 3D on . Click on the "Community Resources" Button in the left hand column, scroll down, and click on the "New Frederick Town Mall" and fly around.

If you are a business or organization who wants to promote yourselves through 3D. Give 3D Serves U a call. 240-344-6064 or email us at

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