Friday, March 19, 2010

3D Virtual Tours of Monocacy Battlefield buildings

I am proud to announce that The Monocacy National Battlefield Park in Frederick, MD has posted three 3D Virtual Tours of some of their facilities on their website. The building models were created by 3D Services owner, Darian Robbins and the videos were created by Park Ranger Tom Gwaltney with guidance from Joy Beasley, the Park's Cultural Resoures Manager. This marks the beginning of a collaboration started last year, when 3D Services approached Monocacy about a way to promote and educate the world at large about the unique history and features of Monocacy Battlefield using new interactive media formats like Google Earth (TM). Below is an example of the video.

Monocacy is working with 3D services to have all their facilities modeled and uploaded to the "3D Layer" of Google Earth (TM). This has a few advantages one of them being to allow users to visit scale models of actual facilities before they come in person to plan their travel to the park or get visually acclimated with the environment. Also, a virtual tour enables a person to see sites that are being renovated and not allowed for public access. The 3D models all have extra information and hyperlinks attached to them through pop-up windows giving Monocacy the capability to present more information about the history of the battle or landmark.

Check out their site and their videos. You can even download video optimized for your Ipod!