Friday, January 8, 2010

It's working....The world is taking note of Frederick in 3D!!

Welcome to the New Year!!! I apologize for not posting lately, I've been hard at work making models for the Google competition and created other Geo Web related applications. I promise to post more here and in other social media (tweeting, facebooking, etc...) so you can keep track of the latest Frederick Area buildings to be placed in Google Earth. Have you seen the latest? No?! Follow this link please to the Google Warehouse collection for Frederick, MD We have over 30+ models in GE and more on the way!!!

Frederick's 3D work has gotten notice by Geographer, GIS specialist and cofounder of, Glenn Letham on his blog AnyGeo . Check out the little note here.

"See Frederick, Maryland in 3D or Model Your Own Town

Frederick, MD is just one of the many cities that are expanding their presence in 3D via the Google 3D Warehouse. Modeled with SketchUp, a number of popular city buildings and landmarks are now online and available for viewing in google Maps and Google Earth. For more 3D building collections browse the Google 3D Warehouse or follow the 3D team on Twitter via @3DWH. For those of you that a really keen to see your city done up in 3D, consider putting together a team of design professionals and enter the Google SketchUp Model Your Town Competition - good luck!"

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